The Company

The Belo Monte Power Transmitter (BMTE) is a Special Purpose Company (SPC) set up to build, operate and maintain the TL 800 kV DC Xingu/Estreito and Associated Facilities.

This TL is the first of two Direct Current Bipolos provided to transport the power generated by hydroelectric power plant (HPP) Belo Monte for Southeast. With more than 2,000 km long, the TL intercepts 65 municipalities in four states: Pará, Tocantins, Goiás and Minas Gerais.

The time limit for the works of TL ± 800kV DC Xingu / Estreito is February 2018.

Besides the TL, the project also includes associated facilities, including two converter stations (Direct Current to Alternating Current), two earth electrodes installed in the municipality of Anapu (PA) and Altinópolis (SP) and two electrode lines linking Electrodes to the converter stations.

One of the electrode lines will be installed in the municipality of Anapu and other intercept the territories of Ibiraci and Clairvaux (MG), Franca, Altinópolis and Patrocinio Paulista (SP).