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Belo Monte Transmission Company starts to construct the first Ultra High Voltage Line
Posted on June 14, 2016

Brazil started the construction of the first Ultra High Voltage Line, which will transmit the energy from the Belo Monte Hydroelectric Plant (11.233MW) to the big energy consumption centers of the country. The structures of the Direct Current Line between Xingu (PA) – Estreito (MG), will be the first 800 kV line of the country, totaling 2,087 kilometers in length.


The project with these features, has few precedents in the world, and it is being constructed in eight stretches. With about 2,200 employees, the works are in full operation and the land process is almost complete. The Xingu Converter Station has 403 employes, which have completed the earthworks and already doing the Civil Works. In the Estreito Converter Station was already started the concreting of the transformer base’s foundations and is already on the Valve Hall erection phase. And on this phase have approximately 180 employees.


The Forecast for the start of operation is on February 2018, with efforts for early completion for December 2017 to not restrict the flow of the energy generated in the Belo Monte Hydroelectric Power Plant.


The Belo Monte Transmissora de Energia consortium, State Grid (51%), Furnas (24.5%) and Eletronorte (24.5%), receives biweekly monitoring by technical teams of the Ministry of mines and energy (MME), National agency of Electrical Energy (ANEEL), Energy Research Company (EPE) and  National Power system operator (ONS).


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