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First transmission bipole of ± 800 kV UHVDC goes into operation two months in advance
Posted on December 14, 2017

The first Latin America ±800 kV UHVDC (Ultrahigh-Voltage Direct Current) Electricity Transmission Line came into operation on December, 12th, 2017 which drains energy generated by the Belo Monte Power Plant in Xingu (Pará, North of Brazil) to the National Interconnected System (SIN – Sistema Inter Nacional) in the Southeast region.  The enterprise started within two months period in advance established by the Electric Energy National Agency (Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica – Aneel)

With an investment  about R $ 5 billion, the Transmission Line ± 800 kV UHVDC Xingu-Estreito-Bipolo1 has a length of 2,076 km, starting in Pará, (PA), crossing Tocantins (TO) and Goiás (GO) until reaching the south of Minas Gerais (MG), passing through 70 municipalities. The project also includes two 4000 MW capacity converter stations, two ground electrodes and their respective transmission lines with 36km in the state of Pará and 72km predominantly in the state of São Paulo, six telecommunication repeater stations and seven maintenance centers, other associated facilities.

Belo Monte Electricity Transmission (BMTE – Belo Monte Transmissora de Energia) a Specific Purpose Society (Sociedade de Propósito Específico – SPE), it was compounded by the Chinese State Grid Brazil Holding which holds 51% for its participation; and by the Brazilian ones – Eletrobras subsidiaries – Furnas and Eletronorte with 24,5% each, was responsible for the construction .

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Belo Monte Transmission Company starts to construct the first Ultra High Voltage Line
Posted on June 14, 2016

Brazil started the construction of the first Ultra High Voltage Line, which will transmit the energy from the Belo Monte Hydroelectric Plant (11.233MW) to the big energy consumption centers of the country. The structures of the Direct Current Line between Xingu (PA) – Estreito (MG), will be the first 800 kV line of the country, totaling 2,087 kilometers in length.


The project with these features, has few precedents in the world, and it is being constructed in eight stretches. With about 2,200 employees, the works are in full operation and the land process is almost complete. The Xingu Converter Station has 403 employes, which have completed the earthworks and already doing the Civil Works. In the Estreito Converter Station was already started the concreting of the transformer base’s foundations and is already on the Valve Hall erection phase. And on this phase have approximately 180 employees.


The Forecast for the start of operation is on February 2018, with efforts for early completion for December 2017 to not restrict the flow of the energy generated in the Belo Monte Hydroelectric Power Plant.


The Belo Monte Transmissora de Energia consortium, State Grid (51%), Furnas (24.5%) and Eletronorte (24.5%), receives biweekly monitoring by technical teams of the Ministry of mines and energy (MME), National agency of Electrical Energy (ANEEL), Energy Research Company (EPE) and  National Power system operator (ONS).


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Power Substation Construction Opens 300 Job Vacancies in Ibiraci
Posted on January 25, 2016

By: Marco Felippe
Photo: William Borges/Comércio da Franca

Nine months after being announced, on January 11 at Ibiraci (MG) the works for the electrical substation started, which will be interconnected to the Belo Monte Plant, in Xingu, Pará State. Considered as the largest electrical power substation in Latin America, the construction will help to expand and strengthen the national electricity system and may employ at its peak more than 300 employees. One hundred will be hired immediately for the start of the works in March.
At the end of the Belo Monte transmission line (electric power transmission line with 2100 km), the Estreito Substation – as it is being called – will transform the DC power (800 kV) to AC power (500 kV) and distribute to the national system focusing mainly the Southeast large cities. The whole project is estimated at R$ 2 billion, of which R$ 200 million in the construction. “We are delighted with this construction in the city. It is a work of great importance for the energy sector, which will generate taxes and job vacancies. The local economy will be benefited”, said the Ibiraci mayor, José Fernando Hermógenes de Freitas (PSDB).

The substation will be built five kilometers from Lage rural district toward Estreito, Pedregulho District, in an area of 250,000 square meters and will take two year to complete. In this first phase, are being made the earthworks. 20160123194720_96764017 On-site, there is an existent power substation running already, which will be connected to the future construction. “The staff in charge of the construction are in Lage to start to install the construction site and camp. Within a few days will also begin the hiring”, said the executive chief.

According to Sendi Engenharia e Construções company’s director (company responsible for the construction of the substation), Sérgio Hortêncio, the admission are planned to take place within 15 to 20 days and the preference will be for Ibiraci and region workers. “The direct labor will be from the city. We will bring only the leaders and staff with more expertise from outside”.
Among the hires, which will be made in the region, there are bricklayers, carpenters, assembler, electrician, assistants. The minimal wage will follow the São Paulo State with the range from R$ 1.200 to R$ 4.000. The interested parties can bring the curriculum to Ibiraci Prefecture which will make the referral of candidates through Cras (Social Assistance Reference Center). “The work does not begin at full throttle, so we will hire as needed. Only from Sendi will be 300 employees, but the whole enterprise involves other companies that also make hiring.”
The Transmission line
The Xingu/Estreito Transmission line works are carried out by IE Belo Monte consortium, formed by the Chinese company State Grid and the Brazilian companies Furnas and Eletronorte. With 2100 kilometers, it will cross Pará, where it is being built the Belo Monte Hydroelectric Plant, Tocantins, Goiás and Minas Gerais. The project as a whole has 28 transformers, 25,000 kilometers of wire and 4500 towers that will support the cables. According to Aneel (Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency), the whole construction should generate 12,500 direct jobs.


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Ibama issues the license for the works in Belo Monte’s transmission line
Posted on January 7, 2016

BRASILIA – Ibama issued the second and main license for the installation of the first Bipole of the transmission line which will interconnect the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant to the National Interconnected System (SIN). The enterprise has a cost of R$ 4.2 billion and should be delivered in February 2018. The enterprise is essential to distribute the plant’s energy throughout the country.

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Government approaches Gurupi Entrepreneurs to the Company BMTE Responsible for Work of Large scale in the region
Posted on October 16, 2015

Entrepreneurs of Gurupi and surrounding area, as well as representatives of organizations and institutions dedicated to the business sector, attended the evening of Tuesday the 6th, meeting with representatives of Belo Monte transmissora de energia ( BMTE ) . The event, sponsored by the Government of Tocantins – through the Secretary of Economic Development and Tourism ( SEDETUR ) – was held at the shopkeepers leaders Chamber ( CDL ) in Gurupi . The company is responsible for implementing the Xingu Transmission Line (PA ) / Estreito ( MG ) , a large project to be implemented to transport the power generated at the hydroelectric power plant ( HPP ) Belo Monte.

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